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My name is Keelan Cunningham….

I was brought up in Dublin, Ireland in the early 1970s, but not that this matters much anymore since we live in a world where geography and national identity have reduced meaning in our lives. In business as in life, all that matters is that you do something positive…that you do something that contributes to helping people live more fulfilled lives. So whether it’s business, finance, technology, investing etc. I’m always going to ask: “How is this helping others live better, more fulfilled lives?”

I’m passionate about encouraging people to live more fulfilled, courageous and independent lives. Realizing potential, encouraging financial and personal independence, building human capital, creating wealth, and enhancing the quality of lives and levels of fulfilment in people is really what I’m about.

This drive and passion resulted in me becoming the co-owner of Horizon Speakers & Seminars – a personal and professional development events and training company.

We’ve brought the likes of Jack Canfield, John Demartini, Brian Tracy, Sharon lechter (Co-Author of Rich Dad, PoorDad and many more of the world’s best thinkers, speakers and educators to Ireland and recently to the UK.

Prior to this I was the founder of award-winning web company, Red Sky. During my time with Red Sky, I experienced the highs and lows of the entrepreneur’s way and it was my personal and professional learnings from this period of his life that drove me to embark on my own journey towards financial freedom and personal fulfilment; and helping others do the same.

I set-up www.KeelanCunningham.com/blog as a resource to help people discover how to end their money worries, build lasting wealth and achieve financial independence.

I’m a fully qualified financial advisor (QFA) and work as an independent property consultant and investment advisor. I’m currently completing my Msc in Real Estate.

Bob Geldoff, John Lennon, Coffee (Americano), The Jools Holland Show, Salads, My Daughter Shayla, Japa Yoga, Tortilla Chips (I know…not good), Educo Gym (see…life’s about balance!), Financial Planning, Sports Massages (ouch!), 1980s Heavy Metal (Don’t laugh), Songwriting, RichDad PoorDad, Richard Branson, Thinking!, Music, Playing Drums or Guitar, Investing, The Web, Balconies with Views, Water, Open Spaces, Red Wine, Star Wars (Episodes IV,V & VI), Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, The 4-Hour Work Week, The Beatles, Warren Buffett, U2 ….
Note: This is not a complete list or in order of preference

I currently spend my time between Dublin, London and Madrid. If you’d like to meet to discuss business development, finances and investments, ahhhhm life in general… I’m always up for a coffee and a chat!

Email: keelan@keelancunningham.com

Skype ID: keelan.cunningham